In this blog post, we are going to go over how the data lake house architecture at Adobe Experience Platform combines with the Real-time Customer Profile architecture to increase our Apache Spark Batch workload throughputs and reduce costs while maintaining functionality.

Adobe Experience Platform enables you to drive coordinated, consistent, and relevant experiences for your customers no matter where or when they interact with your brand. With Adobe Experience Platform Real-time Customer Profile, you can see a holistic view of each individual customer that combines data from multiple channels, including online, offline, CRM, and third-party data. …

In our previous blogs, Iceberg At Adobe, Data ingestion with Buffered writes to Iceberg, and Optimized Reads With Iceberg we understood the benefits of Apache Iceberg and how it fits in the overall Adobe Experience Platform architecture. In this blog, we will share our story of migrating 1 PB+ datasets to Iceberg on Adobe Experience Platform Data Lake, the challenges we faced, and lessons learned.

Adobe Experience Platform is an open system for driving real-time personalized experiences. Customers use it to centralize and standardize their data across the enterprise resulting in a 360-degree view of their data of interest. That…

Author: Vishnu Pillai.

In this article, we would look at a very simple demonstration of how we can use the linear regression model to predict the estimated revenue based on the number of texts sent out in Adobe Analytics and would compare the calculations using sklearn.

In this digital age, businesses are collecting huge amounts of data to gain insights about their customers, serve them with relevant content, and to optimize their business. One key part of optimization is to make the best use of the marketing spend on the most influential channels based on the impact each channel/touchpoint has on a conversion.

In this post, we’ll explore how Adobe solutions fit together to provide a consistent customer experience. We’re going to focus on how to best use real-time data such as GPS coordinates, stock availability, or weather forecast with Adobe Experience Platform offer decisioning engine to propose contextual, relevant content to our customers.

With the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices, brands have more and more data at their disposal to build innovative and relevant ways to interact with their prospects and customers. A mobile app is a channel of choice for marketers to provide relevant and contextual customer experiences. …

This is the first part of a series of the new headless architecture for Adobe Experience Manager. In this post, Adobe Experience Cloud introduces its Adobe Experience Manager Headless Extension for PWA Studio that enables developers to leverage headless architectures to build app-like experiences for their customers that are fast, secure, and delightful on any device, mobile or desktop.

Adobe Experience Manager provides the most innovation-friendly content tools in the market. Adobe Experience Manager enables you to more easily use and reuse your content across the web, mobile, and emerging channels such as IoT devices. …

Author: Artur Ciocanu.

This is the third and last part of our series that covers Adobe Target NodeJS SDK with On-Device Decisioning capabilities and how to run it in a serverless/edge compute environment. In this part, we will be covering Cloudflare Workers.

This is the third part in our series that covers Adobe Target NodeJS SDK with On-Device Decisioning capabilities and how to run it in a serverless/edge compute environment. In this third installment, we will be covering Cloudflare Workers. The parts are:

In this post, Adobe Experience Platform introduces the fourth in its series of Digital Experience Blueprints — a whole new way to learn and understand how you can use its technology to build incredible customer experiences in real-time.

The challenge in creating incredible customer experiences isn’t a lack of data. Architecting an amazing experience should be easy with all the customer data enterprises collect today. …

Authors: Sunish Verma and Nick Hecht.

This blog details a single implementation or customization on Adobe Experience Platform. Not all aspects are guaranteed as general availability. If you need professional guidance on how to proceed, then please reach out to Adobe Consulting Services on this topic.

We have been experiencing global new trends in customer experience since early 2020. Retailers, in particular, have had to adapt to new safety and security public health requirements while committed to delivering exceptional customer experience.

For example, real-time offers from anywhere are imperative to offer the customers the best value as well as delightful interactions. …

This is an article about a view we have adopted at Adobe Campaign regarding the tests we write, and how this helps writing end-to-end tests in enterprise software.

At first, we set out like most people to write a set of tests that tested our application. The problem we discovered is that, at least in our case, applications no longer work alone, and in many enterprise applications your product is usually part of a bigger whole. This means that there are other teams that will need to write scenarios that pass through your product. …

Author: Artur Ciocanu.

This is the second part of our series that covers Adobe Target NodeJS SDK with On-Device Decisioning capabilities and how to run it in a serverless/edge compute environment. In this second part, we will be covering AWS Lambda and specifically AWS Lambda@Edge.

This blog is Part 2 in a three-part series that will cover how anyone could use Adobe Target NodeJS SDK to run experimentation and personalization on an edge compute platform. The parts are:

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